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Tweets: Baby news and stuff - Jen's Blog
June 21st, 2010
03:46 pm
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Tweets: Baby news and stuff
Click for lots of tweets on the new baby and more:
  • Heart is good, fluid levels in the brain are normal, etc. :) Doc is thinking it's a boy. But of course we can't count on that so early!
  • Good news, Zany (baby #2) is doing great! At today's ultrasound, he or she passed the screening tests with flying colors.
  • Oh and -- a great video of me and Buglet and Andy all dancing together! Thanks Stefan! http://www.twitvid.com/TD7OM
  • Pics and video from John and Katie's wedding: http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=john+and+katie&w=22203295@N05&s=rec
  • Internet killswitch? http://ht.ly/20EqR Reason: "The internet can be a dangerous place" #skynet #terroristshavewon #welcometoiran
  • Fashion Tip du Jour: Don't wear a strapless tube dress over a hole-y jogbra, plz.
  • Buglet's random 2.5 hour nighttime crying-instead-of-sleeping has no obvious explanation and has left us (especially her dad!) super-tired.
  • MST3k fans: A sequel to "Manos"?! http://www.mst3kinfo.com/?p=6064
  • I love hearing the baby monitor: my husband reading Buglet a book all enthusiastically, and Buglet trying to say different words.
  • Interesting list of word and phrase origins: http://www.brownielocks.com/wordorigins.html
  • @discofish ... knives? O_O Good thing those cats have extra lives?
  • RT @simonpegg: Of course if an enormous swarm of mutant, weaponized bees were to attack, now would be the time.
  • Oil "blob", yeah right. Cthulhu destroyed that rig! http://ht.ly/1Xmb6
  • @wilw I feel obliged to quote STTNG, even knowing my fellow meme-nerds will do the same: "It's a FAAAKE"
  • My stereotypical pregnant-chick lunch: strawberries and pickles... on lo mein. Mmmmm.
  • @RockBand Thank you for letting the keyboard play other instruments! Great for disabled gamers and newbie partygoers who don't usually RB.
  • @pvponline What's with all the people complaining there's no "nail" joke when it's right there in the title? Duhhrrrr.
  • @BurnNotice_USA Yogurt Watch is back! Liz is updating it weekly for Season 4. :D http://lizvogel.livejournal.com/14237.html
  • @slcc Hey, Jen Shikami here. Do you know the con's hours yet? I'm deciding if I'll fly in Thurs PM, out Sun PM? Or out Mon AM? #slcc #slcc10
  • Jen shoe fail: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenart/4682420932/ Worst part is, I didn't notice till some stranger pointed it out.
  • Buglet is consistent now with her happy little "Mama!" and "Dada!" declarations, which is really heartwarming and reassuring to me.
  • In a PowerPoint 2007 class today and tomorrow. So far this class is super-basic... hope it picks up!
  • We had a GREAT time this weekend with Dyson! (oh and those other people... I think their names were Ashley, Matt, Candace. Maybe. I forget.)
  • This is my microblog post about my blog post about dreaming about blogging. The non-dream blog post:...
  • Foursquare mayorship lost -- Somebody FINALLY booted me out of the Mayor position at Taste of India at the mall next to PAX. About time!
  • Superhero yearbook: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/05/28/miracles-the-comicsalliance-yearbook-part-3/
  • "email has changed everything. If you get a handwritten letter you're like, 'What the hell? Has someone been kidnapped?' " -- Jim Gaffigan
  • Still sick. Coughing less, barfing more, maybe it's just morning sickness? SO glad I have tomorrow off too! ;_;
  • Oooh, Neal Stephenson / Greg Bear / everyone shared story universe: http://www.boingboing.net/2010/05/25/neal-stephenson-greg.html
  • More Lost finale snark: "Wait, where does Gaius Baltar fit into all this?" // "He's still in the lab at Total Recall."
  • blaagh, feels like my throat is made of skinned knees. *muttermumblehackcough*
  • Blaagh so sick! Very whiny today... My parents are babysitting me, hehheh.
  • @radiomaru Ah, but which version of the universe will you be tweeting from? Donnie Darko or Jacob's Ladder?
  • Please RT! iPad publishing no savior for small press, LGBT comics creators: http://prismcomics.org/display.php?id=1858
  • Buglet put my heavy bag's strap on her shoulder, "Bye-bye!", then tried to walk away with the anchor in tow. Many butt-landings followed.
  • Now my husband and I are both super-sick, coughing, sore throat. Since croup has no symptoms in adults... guess we all have something else!
  • You've probably all seen this by now, but just in case... it's beautiful. Oren Lavie's "Her Morning Elegance" video: http://ht.ly/1OLhk
  • The matter-of-fact way Buglet says her new word "No" is still cracking me up. Video: http://ht.ly/1OK17

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