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Water day photo / naming stuff from book - Jen's Blog
July 16th, 2010
07:53 pm
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Water day photo / naming stuff from book
Here's a picture from Water Day a few weeks ago. There's videos if you browse forward a few, too. :)

And in other news, I was just at my parents' house with Buglet. She named all sorts of stuff in her favorite book and was generally performance-oriented! Very nice! Today's list:
Moo (for cow)
Moo (for giraffe... a taller cow maybe?)
Dat (for cat and kitten)
Baby (lots of kids in that book)
Bank (for blanket, apparently)
Baba (for bottle)
Bird (outside)
Bear (for her stuffed bear)
...and a few things by color: blue, purble, ren (could be red or orange?), green.

Nice. :D

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